What is it with the ducks on your site?

Why ducks?

There are two Sheldon coats of Arms both with three ducks. The duck symbolizes “resourceful.” We thought it the perfect symbol to emphasize our mission to provide Sheldon resources. The quote below, though interesting, is not accurate since the Sheldon of Beoley predates 1676. For more about the Sheldon Coat of Arms, see Kelly Wheaton’s blog post.

“The Sheldrake, often used in the Sheldon Coat of Arms as a heraldic charge, is believed to signify the ‘shield’ meaning of the Sheldon surname because of the shield-like band across the duck’s breast.

“It seems that the sheldrake was introduced into heraldry for the express purpose, or for the express pleasure of one Sheldon who was Mayor of London in 1676.”

— Frances M. Smith (Eleanor Lexington), ‘About our Ancestors’, (11 June 1922), Enquirer Sunday Magazine

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George is a descendant of Godfrey, and currently serves as the Webmaster of Sheldon Genealogy.

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