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Neale Sheldon
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Sorry for the late reply. The last time I looked at these particular Sheldons in Plymouth was back in 2005.
From what I can remember their Sheldon name was a little difficult to trace at times, because they used alternatives such as Sheldern

Sheldon Doreen M & Burley Albert C Plymouth 5b 772 marriage 2nd q 1920
Sheldon Doreen Mary Tapper Plymouth 5b 249 birth 3 1899
Sheldon Irene
Sheldon James
Sheldon Olive
Sheldon Violet
Sheldon Lilian
Sheldon Gladys
Sheldon Jasper
Sheldon Harold
Sheldon Jasper James & Tapper Elizabeth Agnes Plymouth 5b 460 marriage 2 1890

SHELDERN Jasper James Williams Plymouth 5b 302 birth 2 1868
Sheldon Jasper J age 75 Plymouth 5b 382 death 1 1944

Sheldern James & Williams Emma Jane Plymouth 5b 457 marriage 2 1867

Sheldon James Adams Plymouth 9 384 birth 4 1846
Sheldon James Short Plymouth 9 377 birth 4 1846

From census data etc it looks as though there were 2 James Sheldons born in Plymouth in 1846.
To be accurate we really need more info to get some positive ID. Really need the Sheldon/Sheldern-Williams marriage certificate which would give their fathers names, occupations etc.
Whilst most of the Sheldons are connected in some way, shape or form in the Plymouth area, too many people, unfortunately, are copying chunks of trees off ancestry and getting things wrong. Have you got any further info on this marriage, birth certs etc

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