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The History of the Sheldon DNA Project

The Sheldon DNA Project  was started by Bruce Robertson in July of 2006 with just one member.  By 2009 there were 20 members of the FTDNA Sheldon Project. Peter Jeffries became an Administrator of the project in April of 2010. Kelly Wheaton contacted Jean and Peter Jeffries in 2014 asking if they wanted help in organizing the project results. She was invited to be an Administrator in September of 2014 and took over the management of the group shortly thereafter. Kelly Wheaton is the leading expert in Sheldon-related genetic genealogy. She is the author of the Beginner’s Guide to Genetic Genealogy and manages a total of seven DNA projects. Dale Sheldon joined as an Administrator in October of 2017 and Sue Sheldon in February of 2018.  They have been working closely with Kelly since then.

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