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Welcome!  This corner of Sheldon Genealogy is our wiki.  This is the hub and heart of our site and can be broken into three major components, each a new layer that compliments the next.

Documentation:  In this first layer we have the pure and raw data, transcriptions of original sources as they are.  As such, they are also without context and are disconnected from each other.  Many may stop here, but we are Sheldons and the quacks don’t stop at such limitations.

Biographical Profiles:  This second layer brings all of those sources together to generate a picture of a single life based on the information that we have.  These profiles are always factually correct, to the best of our knowledge, but may change as new information is found and gathered.  Here you will find each profile to be the hub of information on that individual, bringing together all of their documentation and linking directly into our tree.

Research Corner:  These corners are where each of our volunteer researchers will have their individual areas to work out and share their research thoughts.  While the Documentation and Profiles sections will be more strict and exact – here our researchers will each be able to explore the theoretical without constraint.  It should be understood that anything written in these corners is not necessarily proven.  However, we hope that it will lead to new discoveries and that it may pique the interest of others to take the plunge as well.

Our Wiki Templates can be found here.

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About the Author:

Dale has been studying genealogy heavily for over 30 years, since the age of 10. Although he does not seek professional clients, he has helped a family regain property lost during the Holocaust, and has assisted to obtain historical preservation status for a building in San Francisco. He is a co-admin of the ftDNA Sheldon DNA Project. He lives near Los Angeles and works in the travel industry.
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