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Sheldon name meaning

Breaking Brick Walls with YDNA YouTube

Sheldon Family Association files at Allen County Public Library Large collection of information previously belonging to SFA

Sheldons in Chronicling America

A history of the Shelton family of England and America by Mildred Campbell Whitaker 1941. WARNING: this book contains much SHELDON information, but conflates them with the SHELTON family, which to date has no relationship to our SHELDON families.

Heartbreak and Healing: An Artist’s Search for Justice: Andrew Sheldon

Newspaper Map Worldwide


Sheldons Prior to 1700 E Hortense Sheldon 1961 Her research on Sheldon is second to none

Descendants of John Sheldon much material here (need Ancestry account to access)

Sheldon Collection at Allen County Public Library

Sheldon Photographs on Dead Fred


Diary of Ella Sheldon 1893


The History of Ancient Windsor, Connecticut 1859

NEGHS article on the Isaac Sheldon. This was originally published in Oct 1926 The information connecting the Bakewell Sheldons to Isaac Sheldon is incorrect but the other information from Isaac forward is good.

Genealogy of the descendants of Joseph Sheldon of Suffield, Connecticut Sheldon by John Preston, 1819-

Black Sheep Sheldons in Connecticut


Scarborough Historical Society


Deerfield Sheldon Family Papers Guide

History of Bernardston, Franklin Co MA 1736-1900 by Kellogg, Lucy Jane Cutler c.1902 extensive Sheldons, origin pg 485

History of Deerfield Massachusetts by George Sheldon Vol 2 c.1896 extensive genealogy of Sheldon family 291-301

Sheldons in Deerfield Massachusetts

The History of the Descendants of Elder John Strong of Northampton, Massachusetts by Dwight, Benjamin Woodbridge c. 1871 estensive Sheldon origin pg 1161

History of Northampton Massachusetts from Settlement in 1654 by James Russell trumbull c1898 referred to be E Hortense as the Judd Manuscript

Memoranda Relating to the Ancestry and Family of Hon. Levi Parsons Morton by Josiah Granville Leach c1894 Sheldon pg 108-111

Sexual Misconduct in the Plymouth Colony



Jackson County Sheldons & the Underground Railroad by Kelly Wheaton


New York

Hudson-Mohawk Genealogical and Family Memoirs: Sheldon, edited by Cuyler Reynolds 1911

Henry Sheldon Diaries 1861-1873 (b.1814-1873) of Gouverneur, New York

Rhode Island

Dale Sheldon’s page on John Sheldon of Newport and Kingstown

John Sheldon of Kingstown Fleur de Lis by Kelly Wheaton

Records of the Colony of Rhode Island and the Plantation in Providence Vol 1-10 beginning in 1636

Narragansett Meeting of Friends of Kingstown, RI

History of Washington and Kent Counties, Rhode Island by J. R. Cole W.W.Preston & Co., New York, 1889

The Records of the Proprietors of the Narragansett: Otherwise Called the Fones Record

The Narragansett Planters: A Study of Causes · Volume 4 1886

Collections of the Rhode Island Historical Society: Potter, E.R. The early history of Narragansett. 1835 Volume 3

Historical and Architectural Resources of South Kingstown, Rhode Island

Rhode Island Land Evidences

Slavery and Its Legacy in South Kingstown

South Kingstown Colonial Records

Rhode Island Historic Cemeteries

Rhode Island Court Records



Bible Record of Joseph Shaw Sheldon and Lula Honor Walls



Henry Sheldon Museum Middlebury

Sheldons in the Civil War from Vermont

Vermont Once No Man’s Land by Barden, Merritt Clark c.1928 pg 48 origin also 82,97, 105 etc

Black Sheep Sheldons Prisoners in Vermont




The Witch of Plum Hollow



The Sheldons : being some account of the Sheldon family of Worcestershire and Warwickshire (need Ancestry Account to access)

The Tapestries Called Sheldon Hilary L. Turner’s definitive site

Ken Sheldon’s Sheldon Chronicles Excellent articles on various English Sheldons

Work of Dr. Mike Sheldon – Bigland Pedigree of Sheldons

Domesday Book online

GENUKI Sheldon

Sheldon UK War Graves


NEGHS article on the Derbyshire Sheldons. This was originally published in Oct 1926 The information connecting the Bakewell Sheldons to Isaac Sheldon is incorrect but the other information is good.

The Sheldon Duck

Sheldons of Derbyshire and North Staffordshire

Visitation of Derbyshire 1663


Gloucestershire Archives



Barcheston’s History by Hilary L. Turner

The register of the guild of Knowle in the county of Warwick, 1451-1535

Shakespeare Trust Archives Stratford on Avon

Records of Wroxall Abbey and Manor, Warwickshire John William Ryland London 1903

Warwickshire and Worcestershire

The Sheldons : being some account of the Sheldon family of Worcestershire and Warwickshire (need Ancestry Account to access)

Religious Life in Coventry 1485-1558 by Mark Knight doctoral thesis

Stratford on Avon Mace from the Guild

Place Names of Warwickshire

The History and Topography of Warwickshire

Warwickshire Maps

Visitation of Warwickshire 1619 Sheldon pg 2-3

Warwickshire Archives

Birmingham Archives

Broadway Manor article on William Sheldon

Coventry Archives




The Visitation of Wiltshire 1623. Sheldon pg 32-33

Wiltshire Archives



Beoley Skeletons from the Sheldon Chapel, Beoley

Broadway Manor, Broadway Sheldon Landholdings

Milhay House Broadway Part of the original Gatehouse of Broadway Manor owned by the Sheldons

Biography & Epitaph of William Sheldon c.1500 – 1570 of the Sheldon Tapestries

The Tapestries called Sheldon Many images from Victoria & Albert Museum

Visitation of Worcestershire 1569 Sheldon of Beoley pg 127

Will and testament, of Ralph Sheldon of Beoley dated 20 November 1612 and proved 19 April 1613

Will and testament of William Sheldon of Beoley dated 3 January 1570 and proved 10 February 1571, of William Sheldon (d. 24 December 1570)

Will and testament, of William Sheldon, dated 30 September 1587 and proved 27 October 1587, of William Sheldon (1543-1587) of Wadborough Park, Worcestershire

Worcestershire Archives



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