1820 Census, Ontario Co., New York



Dyer Sheldon Household
Possible Identity
Description Tally Name Relationship Age
 Free White Male under 10 1 William P. Sheldon son 3
 Free White Male 26-44 1 Dyer Sheldon Head 30
 Free White Female under 10 3 Sybil Sheldon daughter 5
unknown ?
unknown ?
 Free White Female 26-44 1 Dyer’s wife, name not known wife 26-29
 # of Persons Engaged in Agriculture 1 Notes:  The two unknown girls may be previous unrecorded daughters, they do not seem to be listed in the 1830 record; or close relatives, or unrelated servant girls or boarders.
 Total Free White Persons 6
 Total – All Persons 6
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