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13 Aug 1918


Confessing fifteen robberies in the last few weeks and implicating two women as their accessories, Joseph Young of 823 West Fiftieth street and John Ryan of 654 West Sixty-first street were arrested last night after a chase.

In addition to the names of Mrs. Louise Swanson and Edna Wilson of 5123 Wentworth avenue, the prisoners gave the names of Harry Seydall of 715 West Forty-eighth street, Willard Considine of 752 West Fifty-ninth street, and Ralph Sheldon of 4860 Wentworth avenue as all having aided in their robberies.  Two victims identified Ryan and Young.  All those named were arrested.

The prisoners said they robbed J. D. Taylor of 6307 Stewart avenue, by kidnaping him and later depositing him in front of his home.  They said they used the car of Harold Gregg of 811 West Fiftieth place, stealing it each night and returning it in the morning.

According to the police, the women would hide in the tonneau while the men were robbing a place, then a block away they would resume their seats, thus camouflaging the descriptions given to the police by the victims and witnesses.

17 Dec 1918


Chief Justice Marcus Kavanagh in the Criminal court yesterday rebuked a jury after it had returned a verdict of not guilty in the case of Ralph Sheldon who, with Joseph Young and John Ryan, was charged with highway robbery.

Young was sentenced to the Pontiac reformatory for an indeterminate term, one year to life; and Ryan, who was a state witness, was sentenced to the reformatory with the understanding his release would be recommended at the expiration of a year.

“There was a miscarriage of justice in the case,” said the judge.  “The jury acquitted Sheldon.  These boys armed themselves with revolvers and went out in an automobile to rob citizens.  They would shoot a man if he resisted as quickly as they would shoot a rat.  These young scoundrels should be taught a lesson,.

“Some juries are bad enough, God knows.  They allow guilty men to escape punishment, which is bad enough, but what would happen to communities if judges did the same thing?”

17 Nov 1923


Newest Hauschild Clews Cause Hunt for Two

Deathbed statements gasped out by Lewis A. Hauschild, a criminal lawyer, and repeated to Deputy Coroner Thumm by the widow, Mrs. Beatrice Hauschild, yesterday put a different light on the supposedly accidental shooting of the attorney and caused the launching of a renewed investigation of his mysterious death.

Mrs. Hauschild, appearing at the inquest in Westfail’s morgue, at 2838 Lincoln avenue, said her husband shortly before his death suddenly had raised himself in bed and demanded: “Where is Sheldon?  What became of him?”  “Was he there when you were shot?” Mrs. Hauschild asked.  “Yes,” Hauschild answered, according to his widow.  “Did the newspaper find that out?”  “When I told him no, he muttered.  Well, it’s just as well they didn’t”, and refused to say another word about ‘Sheldon’.”

Start Hunt for Client

Lacking further knowledge as to the identity of “Sheldon”, the police began search for Ralph Sheldon of 4608 Wentworth avenue, whom Hauschild is said to have defended many times in Criminal court.

The widow’s story was the first bit of evidence tending to dispute the contention of Donald Lagerstrom, a garageman living at 7518 Wentworth avenue, that he and Hauschild were alone in a fishing shack on Lake Marie, near Antioch, when the fatal shot was fired.  Hauschild also, when questioned in the Illinois Masonic Hospital by the police insisted the shooting was accidental and that only Lagerstrom was with him.

Acting State’s Attorney Edgar A. Jonas opened still another line of investigation upon recalling that Hauschild had approached him on Friday, Nov. 9, with an offer to surrender Daniel Dore, a former Oak Forest infirmary guard, sought as the slayer of Paul Matholde following a brawl in the saloon of J. V. Testard in Posen.  “Hauschild declared he would bring in Dore when I told him a bond might be arranged,” said Mr. Jones.

Widow’s Home Robbed

Mr. Jones ordered Assistant State’s Attorneys Milton D. Smith and Berthold Cronson to begin a new search for Dore in hope of throwing light upon the mystery surrounding the lawyer’s death.

Mrs. Hauschild further startled detectives at the inquest when she revealed the Hauschild home at 930 Oakdale avenue had been robbed during her absence on Thursday night.  This tended to strengthen a theory that the lawyer may have been a victim of a “crime trust”, upon whose secrets he may have stumbled.

J. J. Tobias, dean of the Chicago Law school, where Hauschild for four years was an instructor, said he is convinced the attorney was murdered by members of a “crime trust.”  The inquest was continued to Dec. 5.

Lagerstrom was taken on an investigation trip to the scene of the shooting by Detective Sergeants Peter Tomchek and John O’Malley.  He has been in custody of Sheriff Edwin Ahlstrom of Waskegan.

18 Nov 1923

Pal of Walter Stevens, Police Learn

The name of Walter Stevens notorious gunman recently returned to Joliet after his capture in Indiana, was brought into the police investigation yesterday of circumstances surrounding the fatal shooting last Monday of  Attorney Lewis A. Hauschild at Lake Marie, near Antioch.

Ralph Sheldon,  4608 Wentworth avenue, a former client of Hauschild’s and whom the latter mentioned to his wife while on his death bed, is a pal of Stevens, according to police.  Sheldon is being sought in the hope that he can clear up several unexplained points in the shooting.

Dore Also Sought

By direction of Acting State’s Attorney Edgar A. Jonas, a renewed search is also being made for Daniel Dore, former Oak Forest infirmary guard, indicted as the slayer recently of a man during a saloon brawl.  Hauschild was negotiating with Jonas for the surrender of Dore at the time of the shooting.

Detective Sergeants Peter Tomchek and John O’Malley of Sheffield avenue police, doubt the statements of Donald Lagerstrom, south side garageman, and of Hauschild, that the two were alone in the fishing shack when Hauschild was shot.

An Antioch physician who gave Hauschild first aid, told the detectives that Hauschild was brought to his office by three men.  Lagerstrom contends he took the lawyer to the doctor’s office.

Burglary Is Investigated

Police also with to determine if the burglary of the Hauschild home at 930 Oakdale avenue on Thursday night was connected with the shooting.  One theory is that Hauschild, who handled criminal cases exclusively, was the victim of a “crime trust” and that the intruders sought documents bearing upon criminal activities.

Lagerstrom is being held by Sheriff Ahlstrom of Lake county pending the outcome of the investigation.

Sheldon has a lengthy record and a reputation of being in the “immune” class, it was revealed yesterday.  He has been secretly south by police for questioning since the “beer war” in which three men were murdered.

15 Dec 1923

Egan Tells His Story

Richard Egan, brother of William Egan, who was seriously wounded in a beer runners’ battle recently, was before the grand jury in the morning.  Egan is said to have been a willing witness.

Other evidence obtained during the day is said to have named Frank McErlane, beer runner, as the man who murdered “Morrie” Keane, companion of William Egan when the two were held up by “hi-jackers”.  John Sbarbara of the state’s attorney’s staff is said to have obtained the story of the killing,.  The report names Willie Channell, paroled murderer; Johnny Hoban, who was with Walter Stevens when he was captured at Cedar Lake, Ind.; Joe Saltis, deputy of Stevens’; Ralph Sheldon, reputed rough, and William Neimoth as McErlane’s companions.

16 Feb 1924


Ralph Sheldon, wanted in connection with the killings of George Meegan and “Spot” Bucher in the recent beer running war, was arrested last night as he stepped from a taxicab at 22d street and Wabash avenue.

With him detectives captured Herbert “Red” Golden, who had been questioned soon after the double murder on the southwest side.  Lieuts. William O’Connor and John J. Farrell, whose squads made the arrests, decided to hold Golden while they investigated some new angles of the beer war.

Sheldon – a pal of Walter Stevens, Frank McErlane and other citizens with gunmen records – disappeared soon before the grand jury indicted him for the Meegan-Bucher slaying

26 Feb 1925

Another Gunman Held 

Ralph Sheldon, another noted gangster, was held under $15,000 bond after he was identified as one of a gang that attempted to kidnap a Fifteenth ward election judge.  His brother, Stanley Sheldon, dangerously wounded in the pistol battle that followed the kidnapping attempt, was held under a like bond.  Judge Jarecki continued all the cases until Friday when he is expected to hold the three gangsters to the grand jury.

Robert Moehle, 2134 West 19th street, alleged repeater in the Thirty-second ward, was held under a $500 bond.

Judge Jarecki characterized the ballot box raids as near treason when attorneys for Connell protested against the high bonds which they declared were excessive.

2 Mar 1925

Sheldon, Shot in Election Day Rioting, Is Dead

Stanley Sheldon, accused of being one of the aldermanic election day raiders, died yesterday in the Englewood hospital from a bullet wound inflicted by Patrolman Michael Shaughnessey in frustrating an attempt to kidnap an election judge in the Fifteenth ward.

8 Aug 1926


“Ralph Sheldon, enemy of Saltis-McErlane beer combine, who was captured, with a lieutenant, while gunning for Foley slayers, police believe.”

Police squads searched the southwest side and the Fox lake region last night for Joe Saltis, and three members of his bootleg gang, named as the slayers of John J. (Mitters) Foley, rival beer runner.  Meanwhile Chicago gangdom generally prepared to hall a new chief, tossed into power by the swiftly shifting fortunes of beer and bullets.

But Ralph Sheldon, elevated to this height by virtue of the fact that every other major gangster of the Chicago district either is, as it happens at the moment, in the toils of the law or fleeing from it, was not permitted to assume immediately his potential kingship.

Sheldon Sleeps in Cell

Instead Sheldon slept in a cell at the detective bureau last night.  He and a lieutenant, Hughie McGovern, were discovered cruising down Michigan avenue, with two revolvers and a sawed off shotgun in their car.  They were taken into custody by Detective Sergeants Thomas Cohen and Jerome McGrath of the Chicago Lawn police.

Sheldon is regarded as above suspicion in the Foley murder, but charges of carrying concealed weapons will be placed against both him and McGovern, and recent victims of gang deprecations will be asked to view them to-day at the detective bureau, Capt. Stege said.

Breaking up of the Al Capone gang, following the machine gun killing of Assistant State’s Attorney McSwiggan; the jailing of Frank McErlane, principal partner of Saltis; and now the pursuit of Saltis for the Foley murder – these events are cited as the factors in elevating Sheldon to the position of chief gangster-beer runner not at present in serious trouble.

Find Abandoned Saltis Auto

Finding of an abandoned auto, owned by Saltis and identified as the death car, together with the identification by means of photographs of Saltis and two of his henchmen, were the principal developments in the Foley murder case yesterday.

The others besides Saltis who are named are: John L. (Bingo) Alberto, Edward (Big Herb) Herbert, and Frank (Lefty) Koncil.  All have police records.

Foley was waylaid and shot by one of four men in a large touring car at 45th and Richmond streets.  He had just left his home, 6451 South Sacramento avenue, a block away, a few moments before he was killed.

Foley’s Brother Blames Saltis

Thomas Foley, 17 years old, a brother, told police of Foley’s beer running activities, adding that the had lived in fear of assassination for months.  The brother was positive that Saltis was responsible for the killing.

“Joe was my brother’s most dangerous enemy,” the boy declared, frankly confessing his own dread lest his name might also be on the beer chief’s death list.

Prosperity – fatal to many other figures in the illicit beer industry – proved Foley’s undoing, it is understood.  He started out in the beer “racket” two years ago with Hildebrand (Hitty) Clemons, Danny Stanton, one time bank clerk, joining the pair as collector, the police state.

Foley when killed was an official of the Ice Cream Wagon Drivers’ union, and had been questioned on many occasions by police in connection with various labor disturbances.  He was 28 years old and unmarried.

Sheldon and McGovern denied knowledge of the identity of the Foley slayers when brought to the detective bureau.  Sheldon blandly affirmed that he always had been friends with Saltis – with everybody, in fact – that he had no enemies whatever.

21 Apr 1931


Los Angeles, Cal, April 20 – (AP) – District Attorney Burton Fitts today ordered an investigation into the acquittal by a Long Beach jury Saturday of Ralph Sheldon, former Al Capone aid, and three other alleged gangsters on charges of murderous assault in the shooting of a policeman.

Fitts characterized the verdict as either “miserable cowardice or incredible stupidity,” and said: “The prosecution presented its case with-out a flaw.”

“We have begun an attempt to find out if any of the jurors were threatened and the reason for the verdict,” said Deputy District Attorney Percy Hammon, who was in charge of the prosecution in the trial.

Acquitted with Sheldon were Louis Frank, George Bruneman, and Ray Wagner.  They were charged with shooting Patrolman W. H. Waggoner last Dec. 20.  Frank was held in the county jail tonight while prosecutors drew up a felony complaint charging him with carrying a gun.

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