Sheldon Magazine (1973), Vol 1

This is a reprint of the original Sheldon Magazine Vol 1 with corrections and additions.  This volume was first published in 1973 without a copyright notice and therefore is now in the public domain.  Please keep in mind that more modern research, including an extensive DNA study, has since found that this “corrected” publication also contains several errors.  We are transcribing here only for historical reference and transparency of past ideas.

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    • Progenitors Isaac (1), John (2), William (3), and Godfrey (4)
    • John 8 of Providence, RI
    • John 13 of South Kingstown, RI
    • John 4×4 of Billerica, MA
    • Isaac 8 of Windsor, CT and Northampton, MA
    • Timothy 18 of Providence, RI
    • Anne Sheldon Alger Walker 4×5 of Scarboro, ME & Woburn, MA
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Dale has been studying genealogy heavily for over 30 years, since the age of 10. Although he does not seek professional clients, he has helped a family regain property lost during the Holocaust, and has assisted to obtain historical preservation status for a building in San Francisco. He is a co-admin of the ftDNA Sheldon DNA Project. He lived most of his life in California but has recently moved to upstate New York. He works in the travel industry.
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