Case of Alexander Selser

From the court records of Goliad County, Texas.  On 20 Jul 1859 Benjamin Sheldon was shot by Alexander Selser (sometimes spelled Sulser, Sulsor), in the doorway of Benjamin’s home in Helena.  Benjamin died within 24 hours.  It was noted that Alexander lived and worked on Benjamin’s farm and that the murder occurred due to Benjamin’s outspoken stance against slavery.

State of Texas vs Alexander Selser, Indictment for the Murder of Benjamin Sheldon
Session Page Text of Minute
 Spring 1860 124  continued for service.
 Spring 1861 156  continued for service, alias capias to issue.
 Spring 1862 191  Indictment for murder, cause continued to next term.
 Spring 1864 209  Indictment for murder, this cause is continued until the next term of this court.
 Fall 1864 217  Indictment for murder, this cause is continued until the next term of this court.
 Spring 1865 223  Indictment for murder, this cause is continued
 Spring 1866 243  continued for service.
 Fall 1866 270  continued for service.
 Fall 1867 336  This cause continued for service.
 Spring 1868 372  This cause continued for service.
 Fall 1868 412  This day comes the District Attorney in behalf of the state and says he will no further present this suit whereupon it is verdict by the court that this cause be dismissed.
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