Charles Monroe Sheldon, Obituary (1946)

[This is an obituary for Charles Monroe Sheldon, published in the Argus-Leader, Sioux Falls, Minnehaha, South Dakota on Monday, Feb 25, 1946 – Page 1. Accessed at on 5 May 2022]


Author of “In His Steps” Dies in Kansas; Once South Dakotan

Topeka, Kans. (AP)–Rev. Charles M. Sheldon, prominent Kansas clergyman, lecturer and editor, and author of the famed religious novel, “In His Steps,” died Sunday night in a Topeka hospital.

Dr. Sheldon, who would have been 89 years old Tuesday, had suffered a cerebral hemorrhage last Monday.

“In His Steps,” written in 1896, a few years after he had moved to Topeka, sold more than 23 million copies. It was translated into 16 languages, but a faulty copyright prevented Dr. Sheldon from collecting any royalties from the book, which reputedly ranks next to the Bible in number of copies sold.

One-time editor of the Christian Herald, Dr. Sheldon once edited the Topeka Daily Capital for a week in a manner which he “believes Jesus would have run it on earth.” Circulation of the paper, normally about 30 thousand, increased to 370,000 during the week.

Boyhood at Yankton

Yankton, Feb. 25–(AP)–Rev. Charles M. Sheldon was a nephew of Rev. Joseph Ward, pioneer Dakota Congregational pastor a Yankton, and the founder and first president of Yankton college.

Dr. Sheldon came to Yankton with his uncle in the late 60s, and was shortly joined her by his father, Rev. Stewart Sheldon, who took a homestead just west of Yankton. Charles attended grade school here and also went to Yankton academy, which preceded the college.

Dr. and Mrs. Sheldon last visited Yankton about four years ago, being guests of Yankton college.

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