Debt Complaint by Henry Filkin (1755)

This complaint is from the court records of Dutchess County, New York.   Henry Filkin files a complaint against Thomas Sheldon for an outstanding debt.  The docket notes that this was for the Dutchess Pleas in the May Court, 1755, filed September 21. 1755.  This starts with a copy of the original record from Jan 1754, showing that Thomas Sheldon, along with Jacob Mace and Ichabod Hubil, owe 35 pounds to Henry Filkin.  It is not stated how much of the 35 pounds was owed by Thomas specifically.  If they do not pay the debt by the following May that they are bound to pay Filkin an additional 70 pounds.  Then in May 1755 Filkin complains that Thomas Sheldon has refused to pay the remaining 5 pounds of the original 35 pound debt – and therefore now owes the additional 70 pounds.  The original cause of the debt, nor the outcome of the case, are recorded.

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Know all men By these presents that we Jacob mace Thomas Shelding and Ichebod Hubil of Dutchess County & Province of New York Yeromen are held & formly Bound Unto Henry Fitkin of the said County Esq in the Just Sum of Seventy Pounds current Lawful Money of the province of New York aforesaid To be paid Unto the said Henry Filkin or To his certain Attorney heirs Executors Administrators Or Assigns.  To the which payment well & Truly to be made & Done we Bind OurSelves And Each of us by himself out & Each of our heir Executors & Administrators Severally & firmly by these Presents Sealed with out Seals, Dated this Jenuary 23th Day of January in the Twenty Seventh Year of his majisties Reign Annog Dom and Thousand Seven Hundred & fifty Four 1754

The condition of this Obligtion is Such that if the above Bounden Jacob mace Thomas Shelding and Ichebod Hubul or Either of them their or Either of their Ex’s or administrators do well & Truly pay or cause to be paid unto unto the said Henry Filkin or To his certain Attorney heirs E’s Admin’s or Assgn’s the Just & full Sum of Thirty Five Pounds current Lawful Money of as above said at or upon the First Day of may Next Ensuring the Date bereof with Lawful Interest till paid with out fraud or further Delay then this Obligation To be Void & of No Effect Else to stand and remain in full force & Virtue

Sealed & Delivered Jacob Mase (seal)
in the presence of us Thomas Sheldon (seal)
Ichabod Hubball (seal)


May Court of Common pleas in the Year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and fifty Five

Dutchess: Henry Filkiin Complains of Thomas Sheldon Otherwise called Thomas Sheldon of Dutchess County and province of New York Yeomen in custody of a plea that hereunder unto him Seventy pounds Current Lawfull Money of the province of New York Which to him he Owes and from him Unjustly Delivered for that ? that whereas the Aforesaid Thomas the Twenty third day of January in the year of our Lord One Thousand Seven Hundred and fifty four at Poughkeepsie in the County of Dutchess and Within the Jurisdiction of this court by his certain Writing Obligatory with the Seal of the said Thomas Sealed and to the Court your Lord the King now here Shown the date whereof is the same day and Year Acknowledged himself to be bound ot the said Henry in the aforesaid Seventy pounds to be paid to the same Henry when thereunto Afterwards he should be Required Nevertheless the said Thomas Although Often Required the Aforesaid Seventy pounds to the said Henry hath not yet paid, but the same to him to pay Altogether hath refused and still Doth Refuss to the Damage of the said Henry five pounds and therefore bringeth Suit

J G Livingston, Attrny for the Plaintiff

Dutchess,  Henry Filkin puts in his plea? James G Livingston his Attorney Against Thomas Sheldon Otherwise Called, of a plea of Debt

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