Geoff Sheldon’s Reminiscences on the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

Geoff Sheldon’s Reminiscences on the Passing of Queen Elizabeth II

The death of a Monarch always puts down a Marker (Historically speaking).  I remember, as though it was yesterday, the occasion of King George 6th and his death (from cancer) in 1952. Then Princess Elizabeth became the “Queen”whilst on holiday, at the Tree-Tops in Kenya. The Coronation of Elizabeth II took place on 2 June 1953 at Westminster Abbey in London. It also occured with the announcement of the first successful climbing of Mount Everest accomplished (May 29, 1953) June 1st. Then, the Coronation !
At home, we had just 4 months previously acquired a Television set. Black & White and with a 14″ screen. T.V. then…only transmitted  its programmes, for 2 hours per day. 1 hour  from 5-6pm & then 7-8 pm.  My father had spent £110 on it. But that was the time of great advances, although some” foods” were still ‘rationed’ (after WWI), technology, adventure, science, music, jobs & demands for coal miners to produce more Coal, to feed  the demand for much more energy.
It is fair to assume that the full length of the Queens reign ( 70 ) years, will not be equalled.


There is a more personal ‘link’! “The Queen is dead, long live the King!” The new Monarch is King Charles 3rd. It is 422 years, since the  First of the “Charles”  Kings. King Charles Ist was born in 1600 and his successor Charles 2nd in 1630.  Of course, the connection here, is that the Sheldon- surname has become synonymous, with the very close relationship of Gilbert Sheldon to both of those Kings (Charles I & Charles II). Gilbert Sheldon became adviser / chaplain  to both of them in turn Charles 1st was executed in about 1650….Beheaded. ! Conflict occurred between those who sided with Charles 1st..and those who sided with  the  Politicians led by Oliver Cromwell. Gilbert, became, almost a referee between the two groups and his approach to the nation caused him to have much respect and he became involved with the Church of England at the time known as the Restoration. Charles 2nd died about 8 years after Gilbert’s death.

Rev. Gilbert SHELDON c. 1665 © The Trustees of the British Museum

Gilbert, was the youngest child of Roger ( later to become ) Lord Roger Sheldon….and the next youngest child of Roger was Ralph Sheldon ( who with his wife, had 4 boys )  – the first of the four boys was Joseph Sheldon, who became Lord Mayor of  London. So both boys achieving notability.


Charles Room of the Lygon Arms where allegedly William Sheldon met with King Charles

In another interesting side note unrelated to Gilbert Sheldon is a William Sheldon, of the Broadway Sheldons. Both King Charles I and Oliver Cromwell stayed in Broadway during the war, although not at the same time. At one such visit during the Civil War, Charles I met with William Sheldon who at the time had extensive land holdings which were acquired by William and Francis Sheldon from King Henry VIII from previously catholic held lands at the dissolution of the monasteries. 
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