Ralph Sheldon, Al Capone’s Bootlegger

Ralph Sheldon, Al Capone’s Bootlegger

Ralph Sheldon was a bootlegger and gangster. He was the head of the infamous Sheldon Gang in Chicago. His path crossed those of Al Capone and Bugsy Moran. Ralph died a mobster’s death by gunfire.
I think he was from New York City and followed Al Capone to Chicago. As prohibition was in effect, he supplied the people with the prohibited booze they wanted. He and his gang was an enforcer for Capone. Sheldon worked the south side of the Windy City, while Bugsy Moran’s controlled the north side. Both gangs were known to attack each other.
Ralph was suspected of supplying booze to Moran’s operation. Also, he may have decided to try to collect a $50,000 bounty placed on Al Capone by mobsters. Details are a bit sketchy, but Sheldon was killed in either 1929 or 1930 at Capone’s direction.
The Sheldon Gang was known for being the first to drop a bomb from an airplane. Their target was an ice cream shop.
There was another Sheldon Gang, this one was in Southern Illinois, and was called the Sheldon Brothers Gang. It is often spelled with a “T” and other times with a “D”.
Here is a photo of Ralph Sheldon with Al Capone.
Ralph Sheldon and Al Capone

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This article was originally published by George Sheldon in July 2021 in the Sheldon Genealogy Facebook Group. Details of this Ralph Sheldon’s life are sparce.

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