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Sat, 19 Sep 1896


A very pleasant surprise party was tendered Mr. and Mrs. George Monck last Monday evening at their home on Twenty-second street on the occasion of the fifteenth anniversary of their wedding.

Mr. and Mrs. Monck were presented with a number of beautiful presents.  Their surprise was complete and added greatly to the enjoyment of the evening.  The evening was pleasantly passed with vocal and instrumental music and recitations.  Delicious refreshments were served at midnight and it was late before the guests departed.  Among those present were: Prof. and Mrs. S. P. Meads, Miss Nellie Meads, Mr. Harold Meads, Captain and Mrs. J. Hogan, “sh’ Bohemia,” Mr. W. Hogan, Prof. and Mrs. A. Barrill, Rev. and Mrs. Philip Graif, Mr. and Mrs. White, Miss Alice White, Mrs. Alex Neilson, Mrs. W. W. Sheldon, Miss Minnie Sheldon, Miss Josie Sheldon, Mr. Hugh Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. A. Hill, Miss Josie Hill, Miss Maggie Hill, Mr. Clucas, Miss Ida Moore, Miss Ella Moore, Mr. Chas. Moore, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Sheldon, Misses Ida and Lelia Sheldon, Mr. and Mrs. J. Gomez.

18 Mar 1915


Wallace B. Sheldon, pioneer of Oakland, and well-known construction engineer of the Southern Pacific Company, passed away at his home, 1386 Seventh street, yesterday evening, after an illness of two years.  The funeral will be held from his home tomorrow afternoon.  The interment will be in Mountain View cemetery.

Sheldon had not been engaged in active work for the company for a number of years as he had been placed on the pension list seven years ago.  He came to California in 1873, when he settled in San Francisco.  He had charge of the work on the Mark Hopkins mansion in Nob Hill.  He also was in charge of the construction of the hotel at Del Monte.

After residing in San Francisco for five years, he moved to Oakland, where he resided in the same house since 1880.  He was employed by the Southern Pacific Company shortly after his arrival in Oakland, and whitle with them did some conspicious consturction work.  His first was the construction of the wharf at Santa Monica, and also was actively connected with the construction of the Southern Pacific at Sacramento, San Antonio, Texas, Redlands and Berkeley.

Sheldon is survived by a wife and five children, all of whom are residents of Oakland.  His children are William W. Sheldon, George L. Sheldon, Mrs. Euphemia Monck, Mrs. Charles O. Moe, and Mrs. Oscar Bergsten.  Services will be read over the decedent tomorrow afternoon by Rev. William K. Towner, recotr of the First Baptist church, of which Sheldon was a member.  The deceased was 78 years of age.


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