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12 Dec 1904



By a Southern Pacific Crew Preparatory to Its Removal

The old Southern Pacific roundhouse at Wadsworth, which was built twenty-one years ago and which was recently abandoned on account of the removal of the shops to Sparks, is being dismantled by a large force of laborers under the direction of W. B. Sheldon, inspector of reconstruction work, and Foreman H. M. Patton and Charles Fallon.  It is a singular coincidence that Mr. Sheldon, who ahs charge of the removal of the old roundhouse is the same man who directed its construction twenty-one years ago.  The work is progressing rapidly as the walls are being leveled by the use of dynamite after which the bricks the cleaned and piled in box cars, thirty of which are necessary to accomodate the rapid work of the men employed.

When the old building was erected it was surmounted with a tall flagstaff on the top of which a brass ball was placed.  Into this was sealed a sheet of paper containing the names of the citizens who contributed and worked for the establishment of the Engineer and Mechanics library at Wadsworth.  As the staff came down during the removal of the old buiding there was a rush of men to examine its contents, many expecting to read the names of old fellow workmen, some of whom have long since passed away.  They were greatly disappointed, however, as nothing was within the globe save a slight quantity of dust into which the paper was long ago converted by the actions of the acide in the paper and ink aided by the hot desert sun.

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