Rhode Island Defended by Sheldons in the Revolution

Rhode Island Defended by Sheldons in the Revolution

During the Revolution, Sheldon’s participated in the defense of Rhode Island against the British.  The Battle of Rhode Island occurred on August 29, 1778. Under the command of General John Sullivan, the Continental Army and militia forces had been blockading the British forces in Newport,  which is situated on Aquidneck Island.

The British were eventually able to take the island, but the battle is notable to historians as it was the first time in America that the 1st Rhode Island Regiment were called into battle.  That regiment consisted of American Indians, Africans, and white colonists.

And the were Sheldons defending Rhode Island.  We have added a document to our Sheldon Library. Revolutionary Defences in Rhode Island.  The link is here.  You will find Sheldons in the document, as well as one Shelden.

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